Washington Heights NYC offers a full range of advertising opportunities for your business. Our advertising solutions will accurately target your message, generate demand and deliver measurable results. More than 20,000 readers every day read our news. We offer the following advertising solutions to our clients.


We send exclusive advertiser message to our target audience. These promotional messages will increase click-through rates, build excitement, generate buzz and improve brand awareness.


Contests are a great way to reach vast audience. The contest participants will register and submit photo or other digital materials to win prize that you will sponsor. Our advertising team will work with you closely to design an effective contest.

Content Marketing

You can write content on area of your interest and share it with the audience. You can add your company website link to the content so that audiences can be redirected to your website. You can have content on the home page and other sections of the website as well. You can write on topics such as technology, business, education, health, finance, fashion, etc.

On-click Advertising

This allows visitors to click on any product and buy the product directly from the company’s website. These strip ads will be on front cover, or on the top of major sections.

All these are very innovative advertising solutions for your business. They are very effective in getting quality leads which have a better chance of converting into be actual customers.